Friday, October 14, 2005

This post is mostly a rant, but it does have some valid technically references in it..

Anyway, I got the train home, before buying a ticket, I asked the guy at the ticket window if I could get the ticket I bought the night before (not realising there were no trains running) reissued, and he basically told me to piss off.

He just said that I could not have a refund (which is not what I was asking for), and I said that I only wanted to get another ticket, but he told me that they would not refund a ticket unless the train was cancelled at the last second, and this was not the case.

I thanked him for nothing, spent another $10 on another ticket.

While I was waiting on the platform for the train, I noticed the straps were falling off my laptop bag, that I bought off eBay a few weeks ago. Typical.

The train arrived, and while I was on it, my mate called, to find out about picking up the machine I was supposed to test the DVDR drive in.

I told him that I would home in a bit, but that I wasn't staying there, because I had to go into the city.

The train took me close to home. It didn't stop at the closest station, so I went and got some money out, and then got a taxi home.

When I got in the front door, I noticed that the power was off again. Great. I wonder how long that's been off.

A couple of minutes later, my belt fell apart. There's a screw and nut thing, and it had come loose. I managed to put it back together though.

I went and turned the power back on, and started fixing everything up. The power could have been off for quite a while, since I last accessed my home connection at 3am, 10 hours ago.

I had to go into the city to pickup the ADSL modem/wireless AP I was supposed to order early in the week, and forgot. I checked the website, and then decided to check that the shop was open, before going all the way in there.

I called up, and spoke to the guy, he told me they were open until 6.30pm, that was handy, I hadn't expected them to be open that late on a Friday.

I checked the train timetable, worked out that I had time to hang around to get rid of that machine, and I called my mate, and told him that he could come and pick the machine up.

I had a shower, got ready, and then waited around for a bit.

I had something to eat, and found that the frozen bread in the freezer was all soft. Great, the power must have been off for quite a while.

I called a mate to find out about seeing him while I was on my way home later, but he didn't answer, so I left a message.

My mate turned up, and I loaded the PC into his car. I realised that I'd not ended up doing all that much with it.

I booted up windows on it, found I couldn't login, booted up Mepis, then shut it down again, and I opened the side, inspected the dodgy cold cathode light that wouldn't work properly, and put the side back on.

This was all a week ago too, I hadn't done a thing since then.

My mate gave me a lift to the train station, and I got back on the train. I headed into the city.

On the way, my mate called, and I arranged to meet up with him on my way back.

I got into the city, and went around to find the place to buy the ADSL modem.

I found it, bought the modem, got the last one, the display one (but it was still shrink wrapped), and then I left.

There were quite a few computer shops there, and I went into a laptop place, and asked about laptop backpacks.

They only had one, and it was used, they apparently lend it to people with a lender laptop when they have one in for repair, but it was clean, and didn't have any wear on it.

They gave me a good discount on the price, so I bought that. I can't really be bothered squabbling with the eBay seller over the other bag, and be without a bag while I try to get something sorted out.

I got back on the train, and headed some of the way back towards home, getting off to meet up with my mate, and ended up staying at his place.

We went to the video shop, and I hired Napoleon Dynamite. That's a weird movie. It was funny, but really weird.


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