Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm a member of a few sites that deal with marketing companies, and offer surveys. I do them in return for payment, bugger all amount, but it's better than a poke in the eye.

Anyway, I was asked to do one survey, and when I tried to start it, it would just come up and say that I was using a browser (firefox) that was not supported, and that I must use IE on Windows, because their surveys don't work in other browsers.

Hmm, I bet it was just looking at the user agent string, and there's no reason that I won't be able to complete the survey, I juse need to get past that.

I found a plugin for Firefox, called "user agent changer", I installed that, and restarted Firefox.

This gave me a new option on the Tools menu, "User Agent Switcher", and I set it to make me look like someone using IE6 on XP.

This time the survey allows me to continue, what a surprise.

I was able to get almost the whole way through doing the survey, when I got a page where when I tried to advance, I would only get "document contained no data" errors.

I tried refreshing another couple of times, and then it told me that I didn't meet the criteria for doing the survey, and I couldn't go anywhere from that page.

Oh well, I guess they were right when they said that their surveys didn't work in other browsers.


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