Saturday, October 15, 2005

I stayed down at my mate's place, and we watched The Amityville Horror movie. I must have found it scary, because I kept jumping, and spilling my drink on myself.

Nothing really technical on this day, so this post isn't really warranted, but anyway..

My mate and I rode down to one of his mate's places. It was nice to be on a bike again, even if I was only the pillion.

I've got 3 weeks until I can get my license back now.

I broke my sunglasses again, this time the fix that my mate did for me gave out. I've only fixed them about 3 times now.

When we got back, I sat and watched The Grudge, which I didn't find too scary, I don't recall spilling my drink at all, so it can't have been that bad :-)


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