Sunday, September 27, 2020


Ugh. I guess the way works has changed in the last 13 years since I last posted something..

After "successfully" posting, the content had not updated, which was strange.. Also, trying to use the preview function just gave me a 404 error.

Checking the settings, I apparently had no blog address, and no custom domain set. I am pretty sure that I used to just publish via FTP to my own web server, but I suspect that method is probably long gone.

OK, let's setup a subdomain, of, and we'll just point it at the content from 13 years ago.. This sort of works, except I turned on SSL, and didn't have a valid SSL cert configured. So we fixed that.

Ok, great. Let's go back to blogger, and we'll set my custom domain to publish to, of Oh, no, apparently "naked" domains are not allowed. But this isn't one of my naked domains! Oh, not that sort of naked I guess. And those are nipple domains anyway, not naked.

(The joke here is that I drunkenly registered a bunch of stupid domain names early in the pandemic, while on a Zoom call. Things such as [someone's] And And

Ok, we add the subdomain. Now I apparently can't use this, because they can't validate that it's my domain. In order to do so, I have to create custom, CNAME entries under my domain, to point to, and some other random garbage string to point to another random garbage string.

OK, I think I know what they're doing, just making sure that I have authority over the domain in order to publish stuff on it, and I guess it's going to be hosted on some Google server somewhere, rather than on my own webhost. That's slightly annoying, as I would prefer that my content was being stored and served from my own webserver.. Whatever.

OK, so let's create the CNAME of to point to Wait.. that doesn't work. There's already an A record because I just created this as a subdomain.. oh.. Sigh.

OK. Let's delete the subdomain that I just configured, making that a waste of time, along with fixing the SSL issue by generating a valid non self signed certificate.

Now we create the CNAME, which works, along with the random strings for validation/verification. This too works.

I go back and I am now able to save the settings in blogger, and it accepts my custom domain.

Can I now go to my custom domain, and see some content?

Of course not. The browser has a cache, and it's refusing to refresh, and trying to force it is just getting me stuck in a loop of it trying to load an invalid SSL site. Trying to force it to http instead of https is just causing the browser to redirect itself, and load the cached content.

Sigh. OK, let's try this from my phone, which hasn't tried to go to any of these addresses/sites yet. Does this work?

Of course not. The DNS is cached isn't it?, so the A record pointing to my own webhost is still there, rather than it retrieving the CNAME pointing to Google. Sigh.

OK, (have I said OK enough yet?), let's do something while we wait for the DNS record/cache to (hopefully) expire. Something like right this post/rant, about what a pain in the arse this has all been, when all I was trying to do was publish a new blog post after 13 years.

So I can use dig to see the CNAME:


But also the (erroneously created) A record still:

Hmm. It defaults to the A record, (of course) even though it doesn't actually exist any more..


Fortunately it also shows the TTL of the record in the reply, so I know how long it is until that erroneously created A record will expire and disappear. I also see that it has been decreasing while I have been doing these queries to work out what's going on..

Unfortunately.. it's 4860 seconds, or, 4860 / 60.. 81 minutes.

I think I am going to go do something else for a while.

Oh, and since the publishing and previewing now works.. perhaps all this fuckery is just affecting my home network??

Update: Looks like it was somewhat just my home network, but somewhat fucked up SSL settings. I seem to have fixed it, I had to turn it off and on again..


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