Sunday, September 27, 2020

Wine fridge

For my Facebook friends, this is a repost. Too bad.

I had been putting off fixing a broken wine fridge a buddy gave me for ages, because I thought it was the leaked refrigerant problem, which is a tedious pain to fix.
I finally decided to just get it done, so it's one less thing to deal with. I plugged it in to do the prechecks to make sure the compressor is running, to find its not starting, just buzzing. Hmm.
I unmounted the compressor, there's just 4 nuts, on top of washers on bolts which go through the rubber vibration mounts, and started to pull the compressor out, but quite quickly realised that the wires weren't long enough for me to go very far..
So after pulling the wiring apart, which looks like this:

(Yes, I noticed the insulation on the wire had cracked and the bare wire was exposed. It's just the neutral anyway).

I was then able to move the compressor out properly, and I then noticed that the brown connector on the side was rattling. That's suspicious..
It was also strange that there were only 2 wires going to the compressor, since they need a third wire to start them.
After I squeezed the clips on the side of the rattling connector, allowing me to take it apart, I immediately realised the problem, when this happened: