Friday, August 04, 2006

I went to the computer fair, and bought more ram for my laptop, and a USB IR adapter, so I could setup my new phone.

I got scammed on the memory, I had to buy DDR1, as opposed to 2, since it's all my laptop will support, and the DDR1 was actually more than DDR2.

I paid $180 for 1gb of DDR1, the DDR was only $155. I also bought a USB IR adapter for $19.

I wasn't sure about the memory, I was half thinking that I got scammed, told to buy DDR1 by the woman only because it cost more, however when I got to installing it, and removed the existing 256MB that was in there when I got the laptop, there's a sticker under it, saying "DDR1 ONLY" in huge letters. Hmm, nice place to put it though.

I installed the new ram, and the laptop booted up fine, said something about "the amount of system memory has changed", and then continued to boot.

My laptop seems to work a bit better, with 1280MB of ram, instead of 512MB. This is the most this laptop supports, so I'll be upgrading the laptop the next time I need more ram.


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