Friday, July 07, 2006

I updated the firmware in the prism 2.5 card, from 1.3.6, to 1.7.4. I didn't have any hassles doing that.

I thought after doing it, that the sensitivity seemed to have increased, because the sounds ministumbler was making before and after were different.

I found this was because before flashing it, I had the Jornada running off the charger, and off batteries afterwards, and it must provide less power to the card on batteries.

I also removed the pigtail connector from the WET11 board, since it has an MMCX connector on the card, and an SMA connector for the aerial.

The WET11 doesn't work, so it's pointless having it attached. It's probably reflashable, but I don't have the hardware or software for doing it.

I initially tried to remove the aerial connector from the board properly, desoldering it, but there was just too much solder, my soldering iron wasn't hot enough.

I think there's a big ground plane it was attached to as well, since the board was getting really hot, acting as a heatsink for the soldering iron.

I got fed up, and I carefully used a hacksaw to remove the connector from the PCB (along with a few square millimeters of the PCB). It'd still be fine if I was to fix the WET11.


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