Sunday, July 02, 2006

I bought a 2GB SanDisk Ultra II CF card, and a 1GB Sony Memory Stick off eBay a few days ago.

I got the CF for $87, and the MS for $47.

I picked up the parcel from the post office, and when I decided to check up about counterfeit memory, I discovered that both the CF, and the MS were fake.

The CF didn't have a SanDisk hologram on the box, the box said it had a lifetime warranty, but a folded up photocopy in the box said it had a 5 year warranty.

The CF was in a little plastic case, that was too small for the card to fit in properly, and the serial number looked dodgy. The sticker on the card didn't have the proper rounded corners either.

The Memory Stick looked dodgy, like there was a gap in the plastic near the contacts on the front. When I investigate fake MS, it was too, because the packet was glued sht, with little dots, rather than being heat sealed.

I contacted the seller, and I told him that the memory was fake, and that I wanted my money back. A couple of hours later, he replied that he would refund my money, and asked for my paypal, with no argument.

I replied and told him my paypal, and that I would mail the unopened memory back once I had my refund. At some point later he sent my money back, and paypal accepted it.

I sent the memory back to him, at my expense. I'd rather be $7 out of pocket, than $154 though.

I didn't contact eBay, I initially thought about it, but what's the point? there are tons of scammers selling fake memory, getting one guy kicked off isn't going to do anything.

He'll leave me bad feedback, and then just sign up under another name and keep selling crap.

This annoys me, because I've wasted time on this, when I could have been getting legit memory from somewhere else.

I stuck my head in Dick Smith, to find out their prices for a laugh. They've only got 1GB CF, and wanted $145 or something, and they only had 512MB MS, and want $100.


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