Friday, January 06, 2006

I continued moving files back to my laptop from the backup I made of the disk before I installed ubuntu.

I tried to get kismet working again. Last time, I had to use my own version, because the debian version was too old to support the intel ipw2200.

The version included with ubuntu is newer than the one I installed myself, so I went about configuring the ubuntu version.

I tried to run it, but got:
Allowing connections from
Failed to set up UI server: TcpServer bind() failed: Cannot assign requested address


When I looked, I realised that I didn't have an interface with the loopback ip on it, ie the if lo only had an ipv6 ip.

I configured it to, and then kismet would run. I could only see my lan though, strange, since I always used to see at least 2 other wlans in the street.

I wondered if the lack of a loopback address had anything to do with samba screwing up. I tried querying samba again, and this time got a password prompt.

I had to set a password, and then it appeared that I had proper shares working.


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