Thursday, November 03, 2005

The woman from the RTA called me back today.

She'd been in contact with Queensland Transport, and apparently I'm not elligble to have my license back until the 6th, not the 5th.

So now I can't get it back until Monday, because the RTA isn't open on Sundays.

How pedantic, like they couldn't have let me have my license one day early, or even made it valid from the 6th.

I didn't even bother trying argue, there's just no point, it'd be a waste of breath.

Oh well, I didn't have to rush around and get my blue slip/green slip/rego sorted out today then.

I might as well just make a day of it on Monday, I'll go in and get my license back, and then I'll take my bike and get the blue slip, ring up and get the green slip, go back to the RTA, and pay the rego, and get a new plate.

By that time, it will probably be too late to go to work.


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