Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My mate from work brought in his laptop, and wanted some files backed up from it.

There's an external USB DVD burner floating around the office, so we got that, and attched it to the laptop.

I installed "deepburner" on the laptop, which I've used on windows a bit before, and it's quite good, but for some reason, it wouldn't pickup the external dvd burner, only the internal cd burner.

I wondered if it was because we hadn't rebooted after installing it, so we tried that, but it still wouldn't show up.

I wondered if it was then something to do with the ASPI layer, so I downloaded a newer APSI, from here, and installed it.

I'm not sure if I rebooted or not, but after that, the extra drive showed up in deepburner.

We backed up the files to a DVD, which took a while, because it's only a 4X dvd burner.

After that, we couldn't read the files back for some reason. In the end, after all that, I connected the laptop to the network, and connected to it with my laptop, and used k3b to burn the dvds, which took half as long, because I have an 8X burner in my laptop, and the discs work :-)


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