Saturday, November 05, 2005

I just finished playing through SQ2, and I decided to play SQ3.

I realised this is an early SCI game though, not an AGI game, so I need to use some other software to run it.

I suppose I could have used dosbox, but apparently freesci can work better.

I fired up freesci, and discovered I had no audio. the following output didn't look very nice:

While trying to open '/dev/sequencer':
Failed to open for sound output: No such device
midi_mt32gm_open(): midiout_open failed
[SND] The MIDI device failed to open cleanly.
[SND] Disabling sound output.

I looked around, and found this, which says you can use "-Madlibemu" to get sound.

I tried this, and it worked, groovy.

By default, you get the "normal" graphics, like you'd get when running the games under dos, but freesci has built in renderers to make the graphics look better.

Apparently you need to add some lines to your config file (or create one). It took me a while to find, this is called "config" under .freesci in the user's home directory.

The details about that are just above the sound details on the page linked to above. I added the lines to the config file, and decided to add the audio line too.

I ran it up again, now I had better looking graphics, but no sound.

I checked the output, and saw:

Unknown midiout driver adlibemu

Along with the errors from before. Weird, since I followed the documentation.

As a workaround, I just aliased freesci to "freesci -Madlibemu", and then it worked.


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