Saturday, November 05, 2005

I got my camera, finally.

I was out at lunch, and decided to have a look at JB Hifi, to see what range they had.

I noticed they had the DSC-S40, which I decided I wanted a little while ago, when I saw it on sale.

It's a Sony camera, 4.1MP, with a Carl Zeiss lens, and it runs off AAs, everything I'm after.

They didn't match the price, wanted $12 more than Kmart, but this was fine, because the one on special which I missed out on before, I think was the display model, and this one was new in the box.

The chick discounted the memory stick for it, and a carry case, so I got the whole lot, camera, 256MB mem stick, and carry case, for $350.

I wanted to get some proper batteries for it, 2300mAh NiMHs, and a charger. I didn't have time to go to Jaycar to get them though, so I had a quick look in Dick Smith, they had the batteries, and the charger, but the charger came with 4x 2000mAh batteries, which I don't really want, and it was also really expensive.

Oh well, I'll just trip out to Jaycar next week at some point, once I have my license back, and buy some.

Anyway, I set the camera up, took a couple of test photos, and attached it to my laptop.

The camera just turns up as a USB disk, and the pictures are immediately available, it's groovy, no mucking around with drivers or software or anything.

The picture quality is pretty impressive too

For some reason, I can't delete pictures off the camera from the laptop though. I might have to read the manual to work that one out.


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