Monday, October 24, 2005

While sorting through some stuff, I found an old "Apple Monitor III". I punched that into Google, to find out when it was from, but the first thing that came up was an eBay "want it now" ad.

A guy was interested in acquiring such monitor, so I decided to list it on eBay, I signed up as a seller, which in the process took me to the US site, and when I listed the monitor, it ended up getting listed in USD, and as available to the US.

I supposed that I would sent it to the US, if someone won it from there, but I don't know what chance it would have of getting there, and what it would cost.

The auction is here.

In hindsight, maybe I should have blogged about this while the auction was still valid :-)

Anyway, it turns out that the monitor is from around 1980. Older than me :-)

I just found that my auction turns up as the first result if you google for "apple monitor III", that's pretty cool.

I found this page, about the Apple III too.


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