Saturday, October 29, 2005

We kept working on the bike today.

Even after charging the battery all night, it still would not turn the engine over.

I wondered if there was something funny going on with the starter motor, or the relay or something.

I pulled the starter motor off the flywheel, and then found that it was running fine.

I wondered if the flywheel was seized or something, from the bike not being moved, so I pushed it back and forth a bit, with it in gear, but we could hear it turning fine, even the cylinders were moving.

I put it all back together, and then my mate tried to clutch start it down the hill, but it still wouldn't fire, only giving a big backfire, quite humerously.

We put the battery back on charge again, and tried again a while later, but it still didn't work.

I suggested jump starting the bike off the car, we did that, and it fired up first go.

We disconnected the jumper leads, and I let it run for a while, then hit the kill switch, and tried to start it again, but the battery still couldn't do it.

At that point, I realised that my mates had only put 1 set of the vials of electrolyte into the battery, and it came with 2, so it was the equivalent of half a battery.

Once we put the other half of the electolyte in, the bike started up first go.

We ran it for a while, and then changed the oil filter/oil etc, and did some more stuff towards getting the bike all sorted.

When I got home, my mate rang me, and said the ipod that he'd had in the car, on charge, when we used the car to jump start the bike, wouldn't turn on.

He thought that something had caused it to get stuffed, but it was just the usual ipod lockup, requiring a reset, like mine does everytime I turn it off.


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