Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I put a music CD in my laptop, and was immediately presented with an error about gnome-cd terminating unexpectantly.

I was offered the choice to restart it, which I tried, but it immediately crashed again after that. I didn't want to listen to the CD, I wanted to rip it anyway, so I just cancelled that.

I wondered if it was an identified bug though, and something that had been fixed, and might be worth updating.

I looked at doing a dist-upgrade, there was a whole ton of stuff that had been updated into testing.

I updated it all, but then noticed that grip had been held back for some reason.

I was mainly interested in grip, for ripping the CD, so I force updated grip.

This caused k3b to disappear for some reason. When I tried to reinstall it, I found that there is no k3b in the testing distribution at the moment. Hmm.

I googled around, and I found a repository with debs of k3b, here.

So I edited my sources.list, and added:

# k3b
deb sarge main

After that, I was able to install k3b again.

I ripped the CDs I had, which worked fine, however gnome-cd was still crashing.

Oh well.


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