Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I decided to buy a proper camera, so I can list more stuff on eBay with proper photos, and also for the usual reasons for owning a camera.

Anyway, I knew that Kmart near work had some for clearance, I'd noticed the other day, but I couldn't remember what brands they were.

I went down and had another look, and wrote down the models. There were a couple of Minolta cameras, and a Sony camera.

I went back to work, and I looked up all the cameras, and I decided that I wanted the Sony one, the DSC-S40.

I went back to Kmart to buy it, to find that it had been sold. Typical, it's been sitting there on the clearance table for at least a week, and now that I decide I want it, it disappears.

Just like what happened when I was going to buy a new phone a few months ago.

I looked at the other cameras they had, the normal stock, and noticed they had another Sony camera, albeit without the Carl Zeiss, lens, but still 4MP, and was the same price.

I had to wait around for 15 minutes for a staff member to come back to the counter, and then I asked to look at it. There was only the box in the display case, but the camera was in the box, so I could look at it.

It looked ok. I decided I'd buy it, and the woman went off to get me one, from the storeroom or wherever.

While I was waiting, I realised that I was probably making a mistake, because I'd researched the other Sony camera, not this one. I didn't know what the picture quality was like, since it didn't have the Carl Zeiss lens, just a Sony lens, and I didn't know if it would work with my laptop.

When the woman came back, she told me that the camera must have been in the box, and not on display because they had no stock of it.

They wouldn't sell me the display one either (which still looked fine), because there were no batteries or USB cable in the box.

I left, and I went to look at Dick Smith. I wandered around, couldn't even see any cameras on display in there, and the staff just ignored me, so I left. Yet again, it's maintained being the most useless Dick Smith shop I've ever been in.

So, that was it, since there's no camera shop in Maitland (or that I know of), so I'll have to continue looking for my camera.


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