Saturday, September 24, 2005

While wasting time on the net, I decided to find out if anyone had ever tried to get Stunts running on linux.

I did a bot of googling, and I found a game called "Ultimate Stunts", the webpage is here.

I downloaded the source, and tried building it, but found that I was missing files needed, windows.h being a main one.

I looked through the config.log file, to find the errors, and try to get them all in one go.

I looked at the debian packages available that provided this file, and I guessed that it was after the directfb library, so I installed that.

I might have got that wrong though, and it could have been looking for the ecos library.

After that, it was missing sdl-config, this was easy, I just needed the libsdl1.2-dev package.

Then I found that al.h was missing, and openal provides this, then fmod.h, provided by ecos, so I installed that.

I ran the configure again, and it all looked happy this time, there were no warnings this time.

I ran make, it compiled, ran, but ran shit slow.

I really need to get direct rendering running on my laptop again.


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