Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Someone advertised on the mailing list a wireless bridge they didn't want.

I quickly replied, and managed to be the first person, so I got it. I sorted it all out with the guy, and I paid for it.

That's an easier way to get the other PC connected to the ADSL once I install it, to save me crawling around under the house.

While going through the history of my browser, I found a reference to the playstation 2 psu recall. There's articles about it here, and here, and the recall page is here.

I had a look, and I clicked around, the form was so pathetic, that just by guessing, I was able to put in details that matched the faulty power supply.

It came up and told me that I could order a new one, and it didn't check for proof of purchase, so I just filled in the details, and they said they'd send me a new one.

That's pretty cool, since I don't even have a PS2.

I rang up the phone number on the credit card that I found on the train last night, and I reported it as lost for the woman.

From how the guy on the other end acted, it didn't seem that it had already been reported, so maybe the woman hadn't even realised that she'd lost it.

After getting off the phone, I thought about the fact that maybe I should have tried to return it, rather than make her go through getting a replacement card.

When I thought about that, I realised that I couldn't return it, since I don't know who the woman is, and when I checked the train timetable, the train was a sydney service, and it was already on the train, so she could live anywhere between the city and Wyong.

I tried looking in the phonebook, but I couldn't find anyone matching her initials, anywhere in the state.


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