Sunday, September 25, 2005

Now that I have direct rendering working mostly (has been quicker before, but it's ok), I decided to get some proper games on here.

I looked around for some games, and I ended up looking at

There's a few cool looking games on here, I downloaded vdrift, and turbosliders.

I was playing vdrift (not really, only trying to play it, since the video chip is so slow in this laptop), when someone IM'd me, and it popped up on top, and this caused X to crash.

I totally lost my display, I couldn't kill off X, or switch back to the console or anything.

I wanted to shut my laptop down properly, I tried using the three finger salute, but even that wouldn't do it.

I needed to connect in remotely, and kill off X and restart it, or reboot my laptop or something.

I started up my P166, with the disk with the dead bearings in it. I used this to connect, and then I tried to restart X, but it was too far gone, and I think because of the direct rendering, it sticks the video in a weird mode, and you can't start X again, until you reboot.

I rebooted the laptop, and everything came up happy. I had a quick game of turbosliders, but didn't found it too entertaining, mainly because I kept losing all the races.

While I had the P166 running, I decided to configure it as the VPN peer, like I used to use my other linux box for, before I rebuilt it as the IPCop box.

Once I thought I had it all configured, I tried starting up the VPN, but didn't think about the customisations I'd made to the script, and this meant that my routing table got all screwed up.

I fixed all that up, and started up the VPN again, it was all good this time.

I found that I had no connectivity out though, and realised it was because I hadn't configured the P166 to masquerade the traffic.

The following commands sorted that:

ipchains -A forward -j MASQ
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

And then it was all good.

I fixed up the port forwarding on IPCop, so I could access SSH remotely, in order to bring up the VPN from pretty much anywhere.


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