Friday, September 23, 2005

I went around my mates place, and he told me that he'd unplugged the AP I left around there, because he saw some suspect traffic going on.

Probably someone else connected, since there's no protection enabled on it, and there's a DHCP server available.

He plugged it back in, but then neither of us could use DHCP to configure our cards. I had a look, to try to work out what was going on, and found that my mate had stuffed up a bit, probably since it was dark under the desk where the switch was.

I traced the lead, and found that he'd connected the switch back to itself, and had connected the AP to a lead that goes around to the other side of the room, where I had the Xbox attached.

I sorted that out, and then it all worked. Once of these days I'll build him an IPCop box, and then can rely on the protection from IPCop.

A while later, I started properly playing "Flight of the Amazon Queen", and it's quite a good game. The engine and graphics very much remind me of the Indy Jones game, Fate of Atlantis, it's probably exactly the same engine used for both.


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