Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I was late to work this morning, because someone set the clock in the pub room 12 hours wrong.

I didn't think to check that, when I was setting the alarm last night, I didn't notice that it claimed to be AM.

I should have just used my phone.

Heh, I was woken by some people talking loudly in the alleyway next to the pub, I was going to tell them to shutup, and then I realised what time it was, and almost should have thanked them for waking me up.

I had a look for wireless networks from the room in the pub, and was able to see a few:

[no ssid]

I couldn't manage to connect to any of them though. After I spent a while trying, and gave up, I decided to watch a DVD on my laptop.

I brought a couple of DVDs with me this week, that came from Amazon a few days ago, and I sat and watched Chris Rock - Bring the Pain on my laptop.

With the direct rendering working, it was fine, very cool.


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