Thursday, September 22, 2005

I wanted to listen to an MP3.

Instead of taking the easy route, of just turning on the mp3 server, I decided to get the NSLU2 running again, with the external hard disk.

I found it, and the power adapter, and then all the parts of the external hard disk caddy, and the disk, and assembled it all.

Gees the blue LED on the external hard disk caddy annoys me, it's one of those superbright ones, and it reflects off everything in the room, screens, the window etc.

It wouldn't be so bad if it only flashed when there was disk access, I could handle that, but it works the reverse to normal hard disk LEDs, it's on all the time, and it goes off when there is activity.

I either need to build a little gate circuit to put in between the LED and the controller, to work as a logic inverter, or replace the LED with a normal green one or something.

Anyway, I got it all back running, mounted it, and put some music on.

I wondered what updates had been made to the firmware for the NSLU2, so I went investigating the new unslung.

I realised that I was just wasting time, and procrastinating, so I went back to work.

A while later, I was wanting to check some settings on the WRT54G. I noticed that it's time was totally wrong.

I googled, and found some references to setting the time using openWRT, (mainly this page), but when I tried to do it, I realised that the WRT54G couldn't access the internet for some reason.

Then I realised that I'd never put the MAC address of the WRT54G in the access list on IPCop, so while it could provide wireless internet access to my laptop, it itself couldn't use it.

I added it into the blue access list, so it could use the internet, and tried to set the time, but then realised that I needed an rdate server.

I tried to work out how to make the IPCop box act as an rdate server. Usually it's just a matter of adding a line into the inetd.conf, and restarting it, but IPCop doesn't run inetd, so that idea was out the window.

I looked for an ntp client to use, but then I thought I was wasting my time again, and didn't really need the time to be right on my AP, since I'm not usually in the habit of using it as a clock.

I went to bed, and that stupid blue LED lit up the whole room. I couldn't be bothered to get back up, unmount the disks on the laptop, and shut the NSLU2 down, so I just ignored it, but it made it really hard to sleep.

That's probably why I had a weird dream about trying to write code for something.


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