Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I spent a bit of time, and mucked around with the new digital STB I bought.

It can't pickup ABC either. Hmm.

I wondered if there was something funny going on, like the VCR interfering, because I had it connected to the wall, and the output of the VCR into the STB.

I decided to try connecting the STB directly to the aerial, first. I rescanned the channels, and bang, ABC came straight up.

I wondered if the other STB would do the same, so I set it up, connected to the wall, and yep, ABC was fine.

I figure that the VCR's output frequency must have been interfering with the UHF frequency used by the ABC transmitter, and the analog signal from the VCR was blocking the digital signal.

I connected the VCR after the STB, and it works fine, so I figure that must be it.

I decided to setup the other tivo again, because now it can get all channels, since without ABC, it wasn't much good, since that's most of the FTA I watch (that and SBS, there's stuff all on the commercial stations worth watching).

Once I set it up, I did a daily call on it, and it took over an hour to index all the data, because there were so many days worth it had missed while being turned off.

My mate asked me for a copy of the HHGTTG radio series MP3s, I looked at it, and worked out that it would take a couple of hours to transfer them across (which is a bit sad, considering we're both on ADSL).

I burnt them on a CD for him, and told him I'd post it tomorrow.


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