Saturday, September 10, 2005

I left my laptop and Xbox etc around my mate's place last night, and I came home without collecting it.

I felt a bit lost without my laptop, I didn't want to use any of my old machines, so I just sat and watched some tivo recordings, while feeling hungover.

I got picked up by my mate later, and went back around his place.

I sat and chatted with his mate, who's interested in programming, and we sat and went through some of the code I've written recently.

A few hours later, we drove down to see another mate, and we sat around chatting for a while, and then my mate connected his laptop to the tv, and we watched some episodes of The Family Guy he's downloaded.

I took my laptop with me, and I patched into my mate's adsl connection. I'd taken a length of cat with me, but it turned out to be a dud length, so I ended up using his, but that didn't matter, because the adsl modem only had a single ethernet port on it anyway.

I'd thought about taking my little AP (SMC 2655W) with me, but again, there's only one port on the adsl modem, so I would have needed a switch too.

I might try and find a tiny switch at some point, with similar power requirements to the AP, and hack a plug pack with 2 outputs, so I can use the 1 adapter to run both the AP and switch, and chain the switch to the AP, so I can piggyback off a single internet connection somewhere.

Otherwise I could try to find a really small AP with a couple of ports on it (the WRT is just too big to carry around with my laptop).

Anyway, while we watched, I got thinking about how my laptop has no tv out, so I couldn't have run videos on the tv.

I searched on ebay, and found the "grand hand view", a VGA to composite/svhs video adapter.

here's the eBay auction.

I didn't end up buying one, I ummed an ahhed for days, but decided that I didn't really need it, and it would just be something else I'd end up dragging around in my laptop bag.

Anyway, nothing much else technical to talk about.


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