Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hmm, I'm beginning to wonder if Google subscribes to blogs, or if the link between Blogger and Google has got closer.

After I posted, I was watching the log files for the site, and less than 2 minutes after posting, I saw googlebot grab the atom feed file, and then the page with the post on it.

I did a quick test, and I made another post, but googlebot didn't come to grab it this time. Maybe there's some sort of a requests time limit, that stops it from hammering your site everytime you post, and only does it once a day or something.

I've just noticed it doing it again. I posted before, and 45 seconds later, googlebot grabbed the atom.xml feed, and then the page.

Update: I just did a bit more checking, and found that after I mae a second post, 20 minutes later googlebot was grabbing it, and a while after that, when I posted again, googlebot came and grabbed it less than 2 minutes later. Interesting.


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