Sunday, August 28, 2005

I've been in to "Zero 7" stuff, since first hearing "Out of Town" on the SomaFM BeatBlender internet radio I've been listening to.

I've listened to "I Have Seen" a few times, and I really like the bass intro/riff.

I had a look for the tab, found a couple, (here, and here) but they didn't sound quite right. I worked it out for myself, and I decided to have a go at tabbing it.

I found references to a few different tab programs, when I was looking for a tuner program last night.

I installed "eTktab" first, which is pretty good, once you get the hang of the keys, and setting the base fret.

I tabbed it up, here's another attempt at putting a tab in a blog..

G |-------------|-----------------|--------------------------|
D |-------------|-----------------|--------------0--2--3-----|
A |-6--6--4--6--|--4--6--6--4--6--|--0--4--5--6-----------4--|
E |-------------|-----------------|--------------------------|

It's a bit rough, there probably should be a couple of rests in there, and some notation, that the first 2 bars are the intro, repeated a bunch of times, and then the rest is the riff.

The riff changes key someway through the song, I haven't worked out exactly what it does, I think it just steps up a fret or 2.

But it'll do for now.

Anyway, I kept looking at the software, I found "lilypond", but it's for printing out sheet music, not related to tabbing, and doesn't look like it works with tab files anyway.

I also found "songwrite" (no link, it was an "apt-get install songwrite"), which is supposed to generate midi files from tabs. I tried using that, but it didn't work, again, I think related to the sound issues I'm having.

I just get "broken pipe", when trying to output any midi. The user interface on it wasn't too intuitive either, but I'm sure I could have worked it out.

It wouldn't import my tab file, but it's supposed to import GuitarPro tabs. I went to try that, but then realised I don't have my tab collection on here, I must have moved them off when I repartitioned the disk.


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