Thursday, August 18, 2005

I think I need to put my ipod in to get fixed/replaced.

I've been having a lot of issues with it recently, and now I think the battery's packing up.

For the last few months, everytime I've wanted to use it, I've had to use the reset trick to get it to turn on, after that, it will start, but then have bugger all battery showing on the meter.

Sometimes the meter is totally wrong too, the other week I turned it on, and it claimed it had absolutely no battery, it was still able to run for over 3 hours after that.

When it did finally run out and go off, I tried to recharge it, off USB from my PC.

I plugged it in, and then I had to reset it as usual, the apple logo came up, and then the menu, and then it rebooted itself to go into USB mode, or whatever it does.

The apple logo displayed again, and then it just went off. The PC didn't see it attach, it just did nothing.

I tried attaching it to another PC, then had to reset it again, and it did the same thing as before, logo, menu, logo. Except this time, instead of going off, it displayed a battery with an exclamation mark on it.


Then it went off, the PC didn't see it attach, and I was pretty sure it wasn't charging.

I found the firewire adapter/charger, and plugged that in. I had to reset the ipod again, but this time it came up with the menu, and it didn't reboot (because it wasn't attached to a PC/host), so it started charging off the firewire adapter.

I used the ipod the next day, when I went on the train to visit my mate, and again on my way home, the day after that, and it seemed to last fine.

I took it with me to work on Monday, thinking I'd have to get the train home on Monday night (taking probably 3 hours), but then I ended up getting a lift, so I didn't need to use it.

I just went to visit a mate, to go for dinner, and I took my ipod with me.

I hadn't charged it all week, but after listening to it for only about 4 hours (maybe 5) since last charging it, I would have expected it to go for another couple of hours.

I had to reset it as usual, and it came up saying no battery, it went for about 40 minutes, while I walked to the train station, and rode the train a few stations.

When I came home again, a couple of hours later, what was left of the battery didn't even last for the train ride (only 15 minutes or so), and then I had to walk all the way home in silence.

I think I bought it close to a year ago, so I'd probably better get it in for repair soon.


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